Real Estate Transactions

Legal safety, regulated relations and efficiency of real estate transactions greatly contribute to the overall picture of the legal system. Real estate transactions mean interactions between the most significant institutions of law of obligations and law of property, no matter whether it is a buying and selling, trade-off, gift, inheritance or other ground of acquisition. Due to historical reasons and socio-economic structure of our country, certain legal institutions have developed over the years, such as a right to long lease, easement right, right to convert the easement right into proprietary right and the like, which bring along uncertainty and insecurity, confusing thus the participants in the real estate market, but it has to be stressed that frequent amendments of laws and by-laws regulating these institutions contribute also to such a situation. Although some progress has been made, such as introduction of a unique records system of real estate transactions, central register of mortgages, data base on investors, Internet availability of data from the real estate cadastre and the like, we think that some of the main issues such as outdated legal institutions, poor state of public real estate registries and massive illegal construction will not be solved without comprehensive and thorough reform of legal regulations, starting from proprietary-legal relations (The Law on Basis of Ownership and Proprietary Relations) and public registries of real estate (The Law on State Land Survey and Cadastre) through procedures and permits (Law on Planning and Construction) to the very real estate market (Law on Real Estate Transactions).

Our legal team is trying to provide the most efficient and best protection of client’s interests in any real estate transaction, taking care of the applicable legal regulations and maximum legal safety which everybody is striving to when it comes to the real estate transactions.

Apart from preparation of pre-contracts and contracts on real estate transactions, we also pay special attention to:

  • preparation of mini real estate due diligence in transactions of greater value
  • special security instruments of price payment (dedicated escrow account)
  • procedures of entering real rights in public real estate registries (registration)
  • tax optimization (tax on transfer of absolute rights, capital gains tax)
  • investing of real estate in the capital assets of the companies

When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.