Preparation of All Types of Commercial Contracts

The way the companies are doing their business and market conditions necessitate the preparation of different types of contracts which have a long time ago outnumbered the contracts regulated by substantive law (the so called ‘nominate contracts’).

The legal and law practice in this field are to be credited for the development of many institutions of the so called ‘contractual law’ which have been regulated by substantive law only after being shaped in the market (leasing, factoring and forfeiting, franchising, e-commerce and the like).

Circumstances of competing in the market, technological innovations and contemporary economic trends must be accompanied by the creativity and capability of legal counsellors, who have to be able to shape the ideas and conceptions of their appointers through corresponding contractual provisions, taking care of the rules of competition and imperative legal norms prescribed by the state.

Drafting of complex commercial contracts, starting from the important elements, through corresponding security instruments of execution of those contracts, regulation of tax aspects, confidentiality, way of solving possible misunderstandings and many other aspects, necessitates maximum engagement and dedication as well as legal skills and knowledge being the features of top lawyers.

Our legal team offers complete legal counselling and preparation of all commercial contracts, while the satisfaction of our long-term clients whose business operations we take care motivates us even more to keep on providing high-quality legal outsourcing in this field, adhering thereat to the simple legal motto that a contract is nothing else but the consent of the parties’ will.

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