Media Law

Every day we witness the growing power of media and influence they have on the overall social and political life. Modern forms of communication enabled media to be more than a mere source of information. Control and management of information and way of its presentation are the basic factor in creation of the so called ‘public opinion’.

Amid a kind of a vortex of information circulating the media sensitive issues related to legal regulations are being raised, such as the freedom of expression, right to information, right to privacy, right to piety, right to honour and reputation, to intellectual property and the like. This modern branch of law represents a combination of several fields of law, the institutions of which regulate radio and television, press, internet and on-line services, different forms of fun, advertising and propaganda.

We think that apart from certain regulatory authorities such as the Republic Broadcasting Agency, Republic Agency for Electronic Communications and similar, corresponding professional associations, Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection and Ombudsman, but also legal profession as a free and independent profession of providing legal help, must also play a role in this field.

We are striving to go a step beyond the classic role of legal profession in this field, meaning the protection of parties whom the information refers to (reply, correction, information recall, recovery of material and non-material damages), and offer our clients legal consulting in the following fields:

  • protection of intellectual property rights in media
  • establishment and registration of media
  • advertising in media
  • compliance with the applicable legal norms and regulations of regulatory bodies
  • e-commerce

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