Debt Collection

One of the greatest enigmas in the business operations of the Serbian companies is how to collect due debts. Delay in paying ones debts is today almost a rule, which de facto, has paved the way for the companies with receivables trading as their main activity.

We have analyzed all aspects of this problem and publicly emphasized the possible legal solutions in order to regulate this field. What we have concluded after detailed analysis, is that it is first of all necessary to establish clear and explicit norms in the agreements, i.e. to establish rights and obligations of the contractual parties so as to avoid any doubt in case of any dispute. It is our special pleasure for not having ‘recruited’ any single legal action, i.e. for having the opportunity that the outcome of the proceedings can be foreseen beforehand in case of any dispute and for having the adequate proposed collaterals for execution of agreement, so that the creditors are usually able to collect their receivables without involvement of state enforcement bodies.

In case our clients are forced to collect their receivables through legal, enforcement proceedings, we pay special attention to:

  • cost-benefit analysis of instigating the enforcement proceedings
  • selection of means and scope of enforcement
  • efficiency and economy of the procedure itself,
  • unbiasedness
  • and all other aspects in order to undoubtlessly collect the overall receivable.

It is easy to be good while it is good, the trouble reveals the heros.

Petar Petrović Njegoš