About Us

Contemporary law practice was established in Serbia by the Law on Public Barristersat-Law, passed upon the proposal of the government led by Ilija Garašanin on February 28, 1862. Through the adoption of this law, only educated lawyers who have been given this title by the Ministry of Justice were entrusted with providing legal help. The first Association was founded by public barristers-at-law in 1886, while the contemporary Bar Association System was introduced in Serbia by the Law on Attorneyship in 1929 when the Bar Association of Belgrade was founded. Development of society entails the development of law and legal practice..

The greatest development of society and law practice was in the field of technological development, economy and business operations. Based on the above and especially having in mind the age structure and interests of our team eager for new knowledge and new trends, we have opted for and specialized in this area of legal profession..

We provide specifically but not exclusively legal services in the following areas:

Isailović & Partners Law Office, for 15 years already, provides services for the clients in all areas of corporate advisory and representation.
Comprehensive professional support in resolution of complex legal and business matters is based on individual commitment to each of our clients.

In order to be more efficient, while keeping the quality of our services, we also represent our clients on the basis of full legal consulting as outsourcing legal advisors.

We can proudly say that our clients are leaders in their business, but due to the rules of our profession and professional confidentiality, we cannot disclose information on identity of our clients.

We would like to point out that we successfully, continuously or for specific transactions and with mutual pleasure advise clients such as:

  • largest investment funds, which targeted companies worth over one billion euro;
  • regional leader in energetics;
  • world-renowned business group dealing with construction and project management;
  • a few construction companies that developed several millions square meter of office and housing space;
  • construction investors that have, since 2001, financed development of real estate complexes that changed the face of the capital, with investments worth billions of euro;
  • we also represent the construction suppliers with significant market share;
  • our clients that are local partners of world-famous hotels in ongoing projects which shall be completed in the following years and lead to additional modernization of the capital;
  • after the global economic crisis, we had a significant role in reorganization of the business subjects which were facing the threat of bankruptcy, by making reorganization plans with over billion euro overall value;
  • we have successfully completed the processes of several M&A transactions in dairy industry, agribusiness, wood and fishing industry;
  • we have successfully completed transactions of shares, stocks, real estate (buildings, hotels, office space, apartments) and land to be used for development of huge real estate projects;
  • we’re especially proud of our record in disputes, among which is the final decision in favor of our client dealing in construction business that was sued by a bank, where the claim was worth several tens of millions of euro;
  • we are the only one in the last few years to receive the unconditional decision of the Commission for Protection of Competition on approval of concentration;
  • we represent certain banks and other financial institutions, media, health-care companies, retail chains etc.
Our impressive success is the result of our associates, young, smart and very committed persons. 

Fully aware of our liability towards clients for all the services we provide, we inform you that we are insured for professional liability against any claims up to EUR 1.000.000 value.

We’re looking forward to successful cooperation with you. Yours sincerely, Isailović & Partners.