About us

The beginning of this century was a turning point in the development of today's business operations, where economy is based on private property and free market. This was the moment that created the foundation for the law firm Isailović & Partners. Our team is dedicated to providing high quality and efficient professional service to our clients, based on trust. Comprehensive professional support in solving complex legal and business issues based on individual commitment to each client. Respecting the clients’ business environment and recognizing their specific business philosophy, we have a reputation of a reliable, high-quality legal counsel.

In order to provide the best advice, but also the economy and efficiency, we represent clients based on legal consulting (outsourcing legal advisors). The trend of outsourcing and globalization of law firms thus contributes to the fusion of comparative legislation and practice. The product of cooperation in legal problems across different offices, that have experience with multiple legal systems, provides quality legal advice that is the basis for rapid and important business decisions. Globalization, on the one hand, lowers the cost of services provided by the local office, and on the other hand creates a collaborative network of offices around the world. Our office follows this new trend of multi-sourcing, and today we cooperate with offices in New York, Moscow, London, Paris, Podgorica, Banja Luka, Zagreb, Singapore, Brussels, Abu Dhabi, Ljubljana, Skopje, Kotor, Pristina,Džaipuru, Luxembourg, Lugano, etc.

Outsourcing services provided by law firms inevitably follow the trends of their clients, such as expanding the market of goods and services, more efficient use of financial resources, and greater flow of people and ideas. Working with our clients, we also expand our knowledge and enrich our professional and personal experience for the benefit of our future business partners.